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Armada Alpha 2 Freestyle Skis

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Armada Alpha 2 Freestyle Skis

Armada made the Alpha 2 for park rippers looking for an innovative ski that provides maximum durability and affordability. Just like it’s cousin the Alpha 1, this ski uses Armada’s 5-dimensional, rocker/camber design, known to the world as Elf Shoe Tech, to change the way you ride park features and natural terrain. The rockered tips and tails give you unprecedented freedom to carve into and butter off of jumps, hips, rollers, and whatever else you can find. The variable sidecut hooks up when you want to lay down some train tracks on fresh corduroy and releases for stylish smears and hand plants. The thick 2.5 Impact Edges stand up to handrails and the AR 50 Sidewall construction mixes cap and ABS technology, giving you the best of both worlds – durability and low swingweight.